knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life


“A cold wind was blowing from the North, and it made the trees rustle like living things.” 

~ George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones 


“Yes, the wind came up--" Mrs. Sharpe began. She paused.
"And changed us all," Petra said softly.”

 ~ Blue Balliett, The Calder Game 


I stand, in the middle of the night, and watch the wind outside our backdoor sway and bend the enormous branches of the trees which fill our yard. I stand in the dark and contemplate moving downstairs with my pillow and the dog for the night. For if one hit the house... well let's not go there. But I bravely go back to bed and fall right back to sleep, trusting as he snores beside me and the dog curls between us. Come morning, I see we did indeed lose a branch; a huge one, which would have done some damage had it hit anything on its way down. 

It gives me a reason to head out with my camera and in doing so I walk the yard and notice that fall is on her way out. The wind has rearranged the few flowers remaining in the yard, blown many of the leaves off the trees and littered the grass with pinecones and pine needles. 

There are times I can feel the wind deep inside of me, rearranging my consciousness and sensitivity; shifting my perception. This is often a good thing and so I practice being mindful and alert and stop myself from hiding safely in the basement I sometimes create inside of me. I work on letting the flurry or the smallest flutter of the wind inside, opening myself up to the moments life has to offer. 

“The willingness to show up changes us, It makes us a little braver each time.” 

~ Brene Brown, Daring Greatly 


i put my youngest on the plane yesterday. . .  

holding on to the moments of the past few days and opening myself up to the goodness of how happy he is, doing what he loves. . . .

but still missing him! 

have a splendid day. . .