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notes on a simple life


“Miraculously, smoke curled out of his own mouth, his nose, his ears, his eyes, as if his soul had been extinguished within his lungs at the very moment the sweet pumpkin gave up its incensed ghost.” ~ Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree


cannon's pumpkin

I took Cannon and his friend Nick to the pumpkin patch yesterday because there was no school. We had a grand time. It made me think about Farmer Dan's, where we took our boys each year to select their pumpkins. Dan and his family lived on a small farm close by and he had a small patch of pumpkins which he opened up to the public in the fall. 


Farmer Dan grew his own pumpkins and you trekked through the fields among the mud and dirt and vines until you found the perfect one. Then you loaded it into a wagon and hauled it to the barn to pay.  He would open the animal barns and you could wander the farm and maybe pick out your Thanksgiving turkey in the process. We often had one of Farmer Dan's turkeys on our table at Thanksgiving. 

cannon's feet

Today pumpkin patches are full of rides and pumpkins brought in by the truckload and lined up in neat rows. I yearned a bit for the olden days, but could not help but get caught up in the all the fun. The boys road the Monster Truck and did the super sling shot, where they shot apples into a field trying to hit the targets. They both came pretty close a few times. There was also a corn maze and a hay ride. And there was laughter, apples and kettle corn. 


We walked out with 75 pounds of pumpkin between the three of us. Two little ones, one for each of them to carve right away, and three huge ones for the three of us to carve later on in the week. I will head out after school one night, bring dinner, the roasted seeds, pumpkin bars, and the pumpkin carving kit and the three of us will get the job done! We stopped and had lunch and they played in the park a bit and then we came home and they carved their little ones. 

the big clean out

I told the boys about the year Gary and Brandon carved a pumpkin haunted house and filled it with lego guys! They thought that was pretty cool. Brandon still gets into his pumpkins and that makes me smile. Each year he and Courtney go to their favorite pumpkin patch and select their perfect pumpkins, making a day of it. A few years ago he carved an adorable pug face on his and it was really good.

nick pumpkin

Once the boys were done I gave then each a few candles and discovered they were almost as excited about lighting the candles as they were about carving! Somehow I had forgotten how enamored little boys are with fire! 


i hope your weekend is grand, 

do you have your pumpkin carved yet?