knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life


“He threw back his shoulders, a hunter preparing to stalk his prey across the night...and pulled an iPhone out of his pocket.
"You are kidding me." I watched as he tapped through screens with practiced swipes. "There's an app for that?”  ~ Helen Keeble, Fang Girl 

I have taken three calls on it. I have made about seven. I have checked my email and received numerous text messages. But mostly, I have taken photos.... and downloaded a few apps. And I love it! 

1. Mextures

2. VSCO 

3. Hipstamatic 

4, Pic Tap Go 

5. A combo of a few of the above. 


I have found that just like with my big girl camera it takes practice and concentration and mindfulness to take a good photo on my phone. So I am using it right now a lot. So far I am just using the camera on the phone, but I have heard good things about Camera+ and might try it out. Right now I am having tons of fun playing with these few apps; trying to keep it simple. It is hard not to get carried away! 

I post to instagram where you can find me @cathysly. 

I have been thinking about photo projects for 2015... another 365 for sure, but thinking of ways to mix it up some. Any ideas?? What have you got planned for 2015... do tell? 

Basil and I are heading to the east side to see him this weekend!