knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life


Welcome to Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average. ~ Garrison Kelllor 

I headed east of the mountains last week for a birthday party and to stay with him in our new little trailer for a few days. The internet connection was sketchy so I did not even unpack my laptop. It felt good to be somewhat unplugged for a few days. Our new little trailer is cozy and comfortable and I am looking forward to doing some real camping in it next summer for sure. 

Over the past few summers a close friend of mine has been working on  rebuilding her childhood cabin in Northern Idaho, and while I had seen it a few times during the rebuilding, I had yet to see it finished. So, she and I and the birthday girl headed up there Friday night to celebrate.

 I can't even begin to do the cabin justice, it is a work of art and everything and more my friend dreamed of. The wood inside of it is amazing and the deck....oh I can't wait to sit on that deck.

It was freezing when we arrived that evening, but we bundled up, turned on the little heaters and celebrated not only a birthday but 30+ years of friendship. Somehow it seemed fitting for the three of us to spend our very first night together in the cabin all snuggled under fluffy blankets, filling the cabin with laughter, candlelight and friendship, while the frost and ice piled up outside. 


The next morning I headed out with my camera to take a walk along the shore of the lake so full of gratitude for my life. There are moments I feel almost embarrassed that I have so much goodness surrounding me, I feel special and privileged and vow to not take any of it for granted. . . 

Especially these woman! 

We are all huge Garrison Kelllor fans and use to say the above quote to our kids all the time, because it seemed so fitting! It still does today. 

isn't life grand!