knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life


“We're each given one life, and it's our job to make it useful, beautiful, and fulfilling. There is no value in suffering through it, doing something we hate. There's no prize at the end for that kind of endurance. Just a spent life.”

~ Sarah Jio, Goodnight June 

There is a calm which has come over me lately. . .

I am not sure why, but maybe this old woman is finally at peace with herself. The really strange thing is that there are unknowns and stresses for those I love; but for some reason I am able to step back and see the good life has to offer and not focus on the "what-ifs". I am full of joy and eagerness and fulfillment. 

And for that I am so very grateful..... 

thank you so much for stopping by today; i hope your weekend is grand...