knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life


“Go back?" he thought. "No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!" So up he got, and trotted along with his little sword held in front of him and one hand feeling the wall, and his heart all of a patter and a pitter.” 
― J.R.R. TolkienThe Hobbit


Hello. . . 

Welcome to my new space. 

For some time now I have been feeling a bit restless blog wise. I wanted a change, a new place to bring all things blogging into the same space. If you follow me regularly on either of my personal blogs you have probably noticed this. I stopped the 365 for a bit, backed away from the other one, changed templates, messed with layouts, etc. I knew I needed a change or worse yet, maybe I needed to stop. 

Both my personal blogs are close to my heart. They hold within them the journey I have taken over the last three years, a lot of it a healing journey for me, and the thought of bringing that road to a close, did not seem like an option. In the end I decided what I needed to do was maybe just move. I tried out a couple of different spaces and landed here; a new platform, a new look, a new name, all of it under one roof. 

I have put My Corner Through My Lens and Nibbling on Life to rest for now. I thought a lot about bringing them both with me but in the end decided, at least for now, I will look at this space as a journey forward. Both of them will remain accessible for a while, but folks will be directed here, to my new space when they visit. 

It feels like fresh new sheets to me; crisp and clean. It feels like a new season. It feels full of potential and possibility and I can't help but wonder where it might take me. It does not quiet feel like home yet; but I know with time it will. 

Don't expect different photos or brilliant, amazing content; it will be very much like the old space; just me standing knee deep in the weeds of my simple life, stumbling along, watching and leaning and constantly being amazed. I vow to focus on gratitude for the fact that I am allowed to even do this and I will work to do my best to document that gratitude and the journey for proof. Proof for myself mostly, but I do hope you will visit often. . . 

it's the weekend, what do you have planned?