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notes on living a life


A fisherman is always hopeful — nearly always more hopeful than he has any right to be.  ~ Roderick Haig-Brown

We headed up to Bellingham for the day. Those short little trips are something I really missed doing when we were east of the mountains; just a few hours on a Friday or Saturday, hanging and catching up. The weather was a gift, blue sky and warm enough I was walking around outside without a coat. Brandon had gotten up early and gone fishing, before work. It seems the Nooksack River is running well, and closing soon, so he is trying to get all the fishing in he can. We picked up lunch and met him at the shop

I can spend hours in the shop, not because I tie flies,  but because there are so many wonderful colors and textures to photography. I use to sit for hours, as a little girl, on my dad's lap at his tie flying table and help him tie flies. He would be amazed with the materials they have today. His little room was full of old coffee cans and jars full of feathers and hide, hair and hooks. 

The four of us sat at the little tying table at the back of the shop and ate and talked, mostly about the fish Brandon had caught the day before. Later he and Justin headed out to the parking lot to test drive a rod and Gary, Basil and I walked the docks, checked on Jordan's boat and enjoyed the salt air. 

He sent me this photo from the day before along with these words... "It is a wild female (hen) steelhead caught on the Nooksack River. We guessed her to weigh between 8 and 9 lbs. We took a few pics and released her." Look at that fly in her mouth! 

His smile says it all.  My dad is going nuts! 

right now there is chili on the stove 
and we will watch the Seahawk game in a bit
really the first one i have watched
(i don't like to get involved until they get close!) 
hope your Sunday is a good one. . . xooox