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“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” ~ Ted Grant 

When I was younger and used film, I shot a lot of black and white. It was not as popular as it is today, not seen as much, we were all about that color! but boy did I love it. I always have loved the mood of black and white photography, and feel it tells a story so well. Maybe it is Vivian Maier, with all her amazing black and whites, that has given me the yearning I have now to want to shoot more of it and to get better; exploring new things.  I post process many of my "people" photos in black and white but not much more. One of my photography goals this year is to explore black and white more; to actually shoot with the idea that the photo will be processed in black and white. So every day, along with my 365 photo, I take a few with the idea that I will process them in black and white. I work some on getting the settings right in the camera and looking for photos that I think will benefit from this treatment. These are some of January's captures and I thought at the end of each month I would share the past month's photos here. My camera does have a black and white setting and I might try that out over the next few months, or even buy a couple rolls of film for my old Nikon. But right now I am just practicing. 

Sometimes there is a photo I think is going to look amazing in black and white but it just does not work, like the photo of the small mushroom above. I feel that the  mushroom gets lost among all the grass, and I liked it so much better in color. So daily practice will help, I know this. It also gives me practice in making some lightroom presents of my own and figuring out how to use the ones in VSCO that I have. I would love some feedback. . .  

I should have done an entire blog today on the colors blue and green, Seahawk colors for those of you not in the know! 

who will you be cheering for tomorrow?
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