knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

currently || week 39

“On gray days, when it's snowing or raining, I think you should be able to call up a judge and take an oath that you'll just read a good book all day, and he'd allow you to stay home.” 
~ Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

r e a d i n g || Rising Strong by Brene Brown
l i s t e n i n g || to a mixed CD gifted from a friend
d r i n k i n g || lots of chai tea

w a t c h i n g || Scandal & Indian Summers
l o v i n g || the fall colors and the rain we are having
h a s h t a g g i n g || #fallcolors #gratitude #momentswithbasil

p l a n n i n g || a get away with our kids
p i n n i n g || food porn
c o o k i n g || from Near and Far by Heidi Swanson

e a t i n g || Brussels sprouts, winter squash and the kale from the garden
f e e l i n g || a bit vulnerable, in a good way
t h i n k i n g || about redoing the family room

e n j o y i n g || walking along the river with the dog
g o i n g || away in eight days to spend a couple night with my #photoladyfriends
t h a n k f u l || for close friends who listen and don't judge

“She inhaled again. 'You made it rain,' she said softly, delighted. 
'Everyone needs a respite from the sun.” 
~ Kathleen Tessaro, The Perfume Collector