knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life

abundance || week 48

"She believed, as others did, that a camera was good for more than recording the world. A photograph wasn't a response to something; it was something." 
— Whitney OttoEight Girls Taking Pictures

the rain is single minded
and the trees block what little light there is
come midweek, the wind kicks in and the power goes out for hours

i am reminded of all the things i cannot do
things i might not have done, but now the option is not even there
and so, suddenly, these chores, these project (i have put on hold) seem pressing and crucial

early in the week i meet an old friend for the first time, face to face
she opens up her home to me and teaches me some new lighting tricks
and i am astounded yet again, at the friendships my camera has opened up for me   

i see so clearly that there is a rhythm to my seasons now
each one bringing comfort, familiarity and abundance
and i remind myself to not get lackadaisical or passive  

but to keep not only a keen eye on the world around me
but also an open mind
and always keep a bit of chocolate in the house. . .  

how was your week?