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notes on living a life


“If one sets aside time for a business appointment, a trip to the hairdresser, a social engagement or a shopping expedition, that time is accepted as inviolable. But if one says: I cannot come because that is my hour to be alone, one is considered rude, egotistical or strange. What a commentary on our civilization, when being alone is considered suspect; 
when one has to apologize for it, make excuses, hide the fact that one practices it—like a secret vice!” 

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gifts from the Sea 

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We headed to the sound a few days ago for the morning. The day was grey and wet and perfect. We walked the rocky path up and down the beach and sat on the huge boulders which line the shore and watched the birds and the boats.  Basil flirted with the birds but they paid no attention to him at all.  For the most part we were the only ones there and I thought about how one of the perks of not working is being alone, for an hour or two on the beach, with my dog. 

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