knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life


“Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying 
to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, 
how much you have always loved to swim.” 
― Tyler Knott Gregson

We found ourselves at the marina over the weekend, messing with Jordan's boat. Rather than sit and watch what was going on, the dog and I took off for a long walk. We wandered down by the working boats, as I like to call them; the fishing vessels and crabbers, walking among the docks taking a few photos. They fascinate me with all their nets and buoys and size. 

Then we headed out to the open path along the water. This walk did not however, become the calm, meandering type of walk the dog and usually have. He was beside himself and being a bit naughty; smelling everything, pulling his leash, running amuck! Now I get this, he use to live here with Jordan and I understand it can make him a bit confused and maybe even stressed, but he was testing even my limits. 

I know he loves the marina and honestly we ran into two people who knew him. "Hey, is that Basil?" Insert huge tail wagging here, complete with body movement and a bit of whining. He is a celebrity. I can't blame him for being excited. But it wore me out and I all but gave up on taking photos. Soon I was hot and tired, and in need of a break and he was in need of a time out. 

I spotted a group of trees with a couple of benches and shade and drug him by the leash over to sit and regroup. Oh yea, the woman on the bench thought he was so cute, more tail wagging and leash pulling. I plopped down on the cool grass under the trees and shut my eyes. He pulled and tugged and whined but soon gave up and wandered over and snuggled up against me. 

I opened my eyes to this. Please believe me when I say that I had not really noticed all this beauty when I stretched out in the shade. I was too focused on my discomfort and frustration. But wow! Not wanting to break the spell I just lifted my camera and started shooting. He laid beside me and paid no notice. Finally I could feel a calm come over me and I paused, laid my camera down and just enjoyed the coolness of the trees and the moment. 

I truly believe that sometimes we concentrate so hard on our self-made itineraries that we forget to just be and we need a reminder to slow down and take notice. So yes, I thanked him and I am sure he would tell me, if he could, that that was his plan from the get go! 

have a splendid start to your week, 
it is glorious here today, 
i plan on taking the dog for a long walk. . .