knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life


"So for me, you release the tension, it opens you up to feelings, feelings connect you to surrender, and suddenly you're hearing with a new ear that moves beyond human interpretation but to spiritual perception, which is infinite and limitless."
~ Seane Corn from On Being Podcast 

a beautiful slow weekend. . . 
pots planted on the deck
bee chasing among the Mountain Bluet 
(unsuccessful, but amazed just the same)
Seane Corn on On Being ~ twice
(because it was that good)
Tandoori Chicken on the deck one night
a gift from Jordan in the mail ~ a new iPhone case
with a photo of Basil 
baby geese at the pond 
trying to give them space
but dang they are cute
emails back and forth with #photoladyfriends
full of goodness and honesty 
moving slow, with awareness and calm
full of gratitude and feeling blessed