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notes on a simple life

May Reflection

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.” 
~ Joss Whedon 

I am diligently woking this year to keep up and on top of my photo catalogue. I have been tweaking the simple system I sat up at the beginning of the year at the end of each month and I think for now anyway , I have found something that I will follow through on.  Something that is simple, yet pretty effective. I am pleased it only took five months! 

Looking back today at May and all she had to offer, I see that it was indeed an excellent month. A month full of gatherings and homecomings, beautiful weather and lots of time spent outdoors in the garden and on simple hikes. 

Currently I am packing for Connecticut. Holy smokes I am excited and a bit nervous. The finale count is 22 of us and a few more coming for the day on Saturday. Never did I ever dream I would be participating in something this magical. If you follow me on IG you will see some of the beauty of it all as it unfolds. 

What will June hold? The goodness of this upcoming gathering for sure and a goodbye, as Jordan heads to Alaska. I am participating in capturing 100 days of summer with some photo friends, so I will be looking for that summer light, bright colors and the gentle fall of rain we sometimes get here in the PNW. 

Our 39th anniversary is this month (plans for some kind of trip in the making) and there will be one last visit to Bellingham to be with Jordan for a day or two before he leaves. Maybe a trip to the east side with him? I know there will be plenty of garden play and hopefully some warm nights on the deck with a fire and Basil in my lap. 

And practicing mindfulness; taking in moments, listening with an open heart, showing gratitude for this life and all the bounty it has to offer. . .  being present. 

Hello June. . .   

take care, 
and as my sister-in-law aways says. . . 
see ya on the flip side,