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notes on living a life

a break

Right now I'm taking a break from hip-hop documentaries. But I would do it if things lined up.

~ Michael Rapaport


In a few days I am going to enable the blog portion of this space for a while. I am going to be taking a break. Maybe it is my age, or just that I have moved into a different frame of mind, or mindset, but it feels like the right thing to do right now. 

I will still be posting my 365, my daily moments, and still be sharing photos from trips and celebrations or brief moments, as I like to call them; but I am done writing for a bit. 

What I really want to focus on is daily gratitudes and becoming a better photographer. So I am giving myself some space to do this. 

For those of you who visit here and have followed me over the past year or so, I cannot thank you enough! I hope you will mossy back once in a while and take a peek at my photos and my daily moments to see what I am up to and maybe leave a bit of love (just hit that heart!)

 After all I lead such an exciting life! 

thanks again for stopping by 
and for all the support,