I believe that everything starts by paying attention. Life is imperfect and any magical light we can bring into our day is worthy of our gratitude. Laughter and love, joy and celebrations slip into our lives with ease but learning to cope with the deep pain life brings to us is also necessary. I do this best with my camera, chasing down light, zooming in and out and pairing it all with truth. 

I live in Western Washington with my husband of 40+ years, in the home where we raised our three sons. We share that home now with our sweet beagle named Baker.  

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squash blossoms

"When I pass a flowering zucchini plant in a garden, my heart skips a beat."
~ Gwyneth Paltrow

Oh Gwyneth, have you ever grown a real garden? My heart skips a beat too, but mostly it is really a bit of panic. So far I have picked 18 of these, trying to catch them when they are on the small side. Technically they are not zucchini, but rather Latino squash, a bit more flavorful, nutty and firmer than traditional zucchini, but you use them the same way. I planted two hills, with a few seeds in each one and I swear I can hear them grow. We eat them, in some manner, at every meal. 

Send zucchini recipes please. 


what is growing in your garden? 


winging it

i should have planted tomatoes