knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life

new intentions

"Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman."         ~ Maya Angelou

Could you feel it? My discontent and my detachment from this space. It has been circling for a while now. The yearning for something a bit more; something with a bit more creative focus has been gnawing away at me for some time now. 

I have been struggling so to put words on paper and my blog posts have been few and far between. I have backed away from here and then come back a few times and overthought it all until I beat it to a mushy pulp in my brain, coming out the other end so confused. 

But, in my quiet time in the garden this summer, my walks with Basil and some unplugged time on the dock I seemed to have unearthed a captivating backstreet. One I want to pursue. Not a whole new path maybe, but a road I want to take for a bit of a trek. 

And so I am being brave, a bit gutsy and a little tenacious and stepping off this worn out path a bit and shifting my focus to my camera, taking myself and this photography thing a bit more serious. 

I hope you will still drop in to from time to time to see what I am up to; see what I am contemplating and capturing though the lens of my camera. And while I do plan on posting a few blog posts here and there and keeping up with my 365, my intentions will be shifting.

will you join me now and then?