knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life

my ally

“You don't have favorites among your children, but you do have allies. ” 
― Zadie Smith, On Beauty

today is Brandon's birthday
he is my second born, a fast birth,
the middle child,
the easiest baby of them all, 
a fierce toddler and a pretty normal teen

today, he is my ally

he is the one who talks cooking with me
(introducing me to things i never thought of trying)
calls to tell me about his weekly fishing trips,
checks in on me for no reason at all, 
and helps me plan family get-togethers

he is the first to offer up a hug,
make eye contact,
cook breakfast,
help me in the garden,
and keep me on the phone way past my bedtime 

he often reminds me of my father,
who enjoyed life, good food, the outdoors
(especially time on the water)
loved with his whole heart
and pretty much excepted people for who they were 

today he turned 33,
we celebrated last weekend with a beach picnic, 
all of us together, the dogs running amok
in the sand and water,
the seven of us watching them, eating, playing and enjoying the sun 

today he will work
and tonight he will celebrate, quietly
with his beautiful wife, his dogs
takeout Chinese and a beer
and he will think it is perfect

happy birthday sweet boy, 
i love you tons, 



PS: i love this photo because you are doing what you love, fishing
with everyone you love right there. . . 
i can see Courtney and your dogs in your lenses, your main focus now for sure,
but if i look close i am just on the edge, your biggest fan . . . 
so proud of the man you have become, xooox