knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

storytelling || week 23

"To see that your life is a story while you're in the middle of living it may be a help to living it well." 
— Ursula K. Le Guin, Gifts, Annals of the Western Shore

the week is full of the past; memories, regrets, loss, pain
but also joy, strength and grace. 
i come into my own; 
embracing all of my story, all of my life.
i work on staying in the moment, "listening to the hum of my heart"
and don't worry about what others might think, 
focusing instead on not missing the beauty and possibilities
of today. . .  

"You know what’s really cool? Wake up every morning, decide what you feel like doing, and do it." 
— Amanda Palmer

my sister sends me a short 8mm clip from my past and with one
watch through, 45 short seconds of choppy, beautiful film
i let go of so much muck: resentments, expectations, rubble and a multitude
of feelings. odds and ends i have been holding onto for so long.
i suddenly see her, suddenly i see me,
and i find joy and pride and set her free to live. 

"And when you’re afraid of someone’s judgment, you can’t connect with them. You’re too preoccupied with the task of impressing them." 
— Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help

three things :: 
i feed the squirrels, in their own feeder, and they stay off the deck
i start most mornings with a handful of berries from the garden
i read this , on the deck in the afternoon and before bed
and one morning before getting up!

"I can’t abide people who dislike dogs," 
— Helen Simonsson, The Summer Before the War: A Novel

the week is full of goodness, long phone conversations, being heard and understood. 
there is time in the garden before a day of gentle rain, 
(the kind that does not ruin the roses, but waters everything)
there is a trip to that upscale grocery store,
where i taste cheese and buy a lemon cake (just because) 
and also some of that good yogurt. 

Evelyn Rose, for my mother-in-law, is in full bloom and i wonder
how it might fit into the tattoo i am planning for my arm, 
when i can get an appointment. 

"It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside." 
— Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib (Betsy-Tacy


Dogs got personality. Personality goes a long way.
~ Quentin Tarantino

how was your week?