knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

he turns 31

"Know yourself. Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful." 
~ Ann Landers


today is Jordan's birthday
born just two days after i celebrated
31 years around the sun.
today my third child, my third son, my baby, celebrates
his 31'st birthday, 
i think there should be a name for that

he is confidant and knows what he wants
and when he sets out to do something, he makes it happen
he speaks his mind, with gentleness but conviction   
his laugh is contagious, coming from deep within him
and his sense of humor is stellar 

he is creative and innovative with all he does, be it tying a fly
to fish with, or fermenting something in his kitchen
he rides his bike everywhere, loves his beer
and has a special comb and oil for his beard
he is also Basil's dad

he is not the best at answering text messages, 
and i have to remind him to call me, i know he tries, he really does
but he also sends home heart shaped rocks and sea shells and beautiful seeds
he finds along his life path, so i know i am in his thoughts
he helps me with my camera, calls me ma, and hugs hard

he is good with his hands and can fix anything
understanding how things work without reading the instructions
he works hard at jobs he loves, is good with numbers
and loves to read, he can recite almost all the lines
from the Simpsons, going back and forth with Brandon 

he is a new homeowner, a partner and soon to be husband
the two of them so good together i pinch myself at times
they don't own a TV, support each other with such respect, laugh often
and have amazing friends
i can't wait to watch their journey unfold

tonight he will come home, after being away all weekend camping
with friends and the two of them will get ready for work tomorrow, maybe have a beer and
take-out Thai for dinner, in their new home, together
and he will be beyond happy
as i am, just thinking about it. . . 

happy birthday sweet boy, 
i love you tons,