knee deep in weeds

notes on an imperfect life

spring normalcy

“Because dogs live in the present. Because dogs don’t hold grudges. Because dogs let go of all of their anger daily, hourly, and never let it fester. They absolve and forgive with each passing minute. Every turn of a corner is the opportunity for a clean slate. Every bounce of a ball brings joy and the promise of a fresh chase.”
― Steven Rowley, Lily and the Octopus

the week is full of spring normalcy
we clean out the vegetable beds, finding a few potatoes
and those beets i grew tired of last fall . . .

now they sit in that bucket waiting for inspiration . . .

we divide daisies, phlox, and astilbe in the perineal beds
and lay fresh compost down. i fight with the dog, who
won’t leave my tools alone and scold him when he runs off with them

i come in and treat myself to the first gin and tonic of the season . . .

one day we pack a lunch and head off for a small hike
we walk around a close by lake, and stop for real
coffee milkshakes on the way home

we should have walked further, i tell him as i slurp mine down . . ,

i do my best to learn from the dog,
to live in the moment, open my heart with a clean slate,
pay attention with all my senses, and

give spontaneous affection . . .

“Be present in the moment. Give spontaneous affection.”
― Steven Rowley, Lily and the Octopus