knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life


pain is a superpower,

it cracks me open, unraveling my very essence.

i spend years deep inside of it, fighting it while groping for light, for answers

lost in a hue of darkness.

i do my best to fake it, and life becomes laborious and forced.

behind closed doors i search and search for the why? because if i can find the cause,

the why will follow and i can forgive and move forward.

and it will never happen again. . .  

i reach a crossroad and decide that happily ever after is a place for the apathetic, 

those who stockpile their emotions and pain safe inside a vault, cracking it open

only to let something unsettling inside, ending up with stacks and stacks

of darkness melding together, cracked and unlovable.

it is a flat attempt at life. . . 

today i don’t abort pain, or exclude it from my day to day

but rather, i allow it inside knowing i am strong enough to handle it

 i discover that donning that superpower cape intensifies every aspect of life. . .  

colors are brighter, senses heighten, days lengthen and love deepens

and every day is a gift. life is no longer flat, and among the darkness i find shadows

full of beauty and love.