knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life

the good life

“I had never thought of Marley as any kind of model, but sitting there sipping my beer, I was aware that maybe he held the secret for a good life. Never slow down, never look back, live each day w/ adolescent verve and spunk and curiosity and playfulness.” 
― John Grogan, Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

the week rushes by in a blur
rain keeps us inside, where we both catch our breath
but yet are fully aware that we still have things to cross off
our to-do list before summer leaves us

the dog and i walk most days, and i find myself drawn to
weeds and seeds, the memories of their blooms
slipping away to make room for interesting shapes and details

plans change mid-week for a traditional
trip to the beach with woman friends
he and the dog agree to go with me instead
so our bags are packed and ready to go
i am excited to introduce Baker to the ocean

things i have pulled out of Baker’s mouth this week::
two wet and gross slugs
chicken wire
sticks of all sizes
cat poo
goose poo
the TV remote
tags, all the tags in the house are gone now,
(the ones that say “to be removed by consumer”, he has tried to consume)
carrots from the garden, tops and all (i let him eat the carrot)
a small head of cabbage, which he picked on his own
(he was not interested in eating it, we had it for dinner)
several rocks, his favorite ones are white
paper; he is especially fond of magazine covers and the random receipts my husband leaves hanging around
purple asters, pink rose petals and a yellow snap dragon, which he picked and brought into the house for me
(yes, i put it in a vase)
shoes, socks, my pj’s, he loves our sweaty gym clothes
a nickel, two quarters, and a button off of something????


but, look at that face!

how was your week?