knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

Spring tease!

It finally happens and we have one beautiful spring day! 

A whole day to feel the sun warm my face. I waste no time in getting outside, new garden gloves and all. I weed as he turns the garden beds. Later he helps me divide a huge hosta plant and one plant becomes three. We both pile junk into the back of Old Blue for a dump run and he offers over and over to empty my weeding bucket. Come mid-afternoon I am that kind of tired that feels so good. My fingernails are dirty and my forehead is streaked with grim. The dog has moved his turtle, chased a few squirrels and laid in the sun. I head inside dirty and happy. 

Later, as I step out of the shower I notice it is sprinkling. I go to bed thinking those hostas will drink up that rain.