knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life

monday || week 7

"We were sent into the world alive with beauty. As soon as we choose Beauty, unseen forces conspire to guide and encourage us towards unexpected forms of compassion, healing and creativity."
- John O'Donohue

i am a bit off, wanting to pull into myself, cautious and watchful. 
every sense of my being is tuned into the ocean; the smell of
the salt, the power of the waves, the music of the tide. 

“But what would that be like
feeling the tide rise
out of the numbness inside” 
― David Whyte, Where Many Rivers Meet: Poems

he walks ahead of me and then turns back and reaches
for my hand. we walk, not talking, together and yet alone. 
this deserted coastline holds memories for me that reach deep into
depths of my childhood; crab-pots mixed with the smell of coconut suntan oil
fishing lines and chocolate milkshakes at the local drive in. 

the storm, the night before, has brought new art forms to the beach; crushed
shells, driftwood and flowing sand rivers. the treasures are few and far between, 
but every where i look i clearly see that there is nothing but beauty surrounding us. 

“What I have not seen
or failed to see
I leave as a gift.” 
― David Whyte, Where Many Rivers Meet: Poems

she runs right up to me, tail wagging and eager to be friends. 
i claim she senses i don't feel quite whole without a dog by my side. 
she poses, her unusual eyes and coat and her sweet personality, capture my attention and my heart. 

i lose track of the times we say to each other; look at the waves now. . .  
we are in bed early with our books. 

"You have come to the shore. There are no instructions."
- Denise Levertov

how was your week?