knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

washing the windows

“Keep at least one window pane clean to check the weather. Once when I didn’t do this I sent the kids off with umbrellas for six weeks straight.”
Phyllis Diller

We wash the windows one day. He is home, so he will do the outside ones (which never get done unless I hire someone, as they require a ladder). I tell him that it would be way cheaper to hire someone then it will be when he falls off the ladder and we have to go to the ER. “Remember when you cleaned he carpet last month?” I ask him. 

"If I'm stuck, I get up from my chair and I wash windows. Or... clean the bathroom. Or vacuum the attic. There's always something to be done."
~ David Sedaris

But what I really know, from having him home this past year, is that he does these kinds of things much better than I do. He is a perfectionist and what would have taken me an hour, will now eat up my whole afternoon.

I whip through the inside ones quickly, as he digs the ladder out. He places the ladder methodically against the house and takes all the screens down and washes them, moving the ladder as needed. Then he starts washing. While waiting for him to need my help I am able to wash down the front of my cupboards with vinegar and hot water. I am able to really scrub the fridge and stove and wipe away all those nasty fingerprints that stick to stainless steal so badly. I even am able to sweep the floor.

He suggest I go over some of the inside ones, and I do because now the outside is so clean the inside just will not pass. I rinse and rinse the Mystic Maid cloth and go at it again and again. My rotator cup is getting a bit sore, and I tell him I already rowed 6.5 miles this morning. But, I laugh and keep at it because we are doing it together and it is actually kinda fun. 

"In order to see the world clearly, you must clean the windows of perception. The only problem is, our society doesn't do windows."
~Dean Lombardi

And, the sun is beyond beautiful today. And, the the tress across the street are ablaze with the light coming through them. And, later today, after we are done I will sit by the window and pretend to read and take in all that beauty, with no streaks or raindrops or dust and tell him how much I really do appreciate his meticulous ways.

I might even tell him how much I love him. 

The colors of fall take my breath away. If it didn't come with a side of rain, it would nothing short of perfection. But, even the rain does not stop me from getting out there and noticing, in fact the colors catch any light that manages to get through and illuminates everything in its path. The past few days have been such a gift of sun. I know the rain will be back and the dog and I will be back to walking in it, and drip drying on the way home in the car. 

Life, itself, is nothing short of perfection. . .