knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

Tuesday || week 9

“She smiled and said with an ecstatic air: "It shines like a little diamond",
"What does?"
"This moment. It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond; I am eternal.” 
― Jean-Paul Sartre, The Age of Reason

the weather holds us hostage, waking up to a dusting of snow
in the mornings, watching it turn to rain during the day and return
in the chill of the evening air. i no longer feel the urgency to capture
that perfect snowflake and aspire to take photos
of the beauty i find around the house instead. 

“Every drop of rain hit the ground with such force it bounced back up again, giving the earth the appearance of something boiling.” 
― Ann Patchett, State of Wonder

one day, in an overflowing group fitness class at the gym, i witness
laughter and kindness and clarity and i unexpectedly feel myself turn a corner. 
i grasp just how starved i am for present day moments; 
and how easy it is for me to lose my footing and fall headlong
into the past where i dwell for days on end. 

“Never be so focused on what you're looking for that you overlook the thing you actually find.” 
― Ann Patchett, State of Wonder

i clean out closets, he shreds papers, i talk to the boys, we go out to dinner, i walk the dog and kiss his nose, i cook dinner, he empties the dishwasher, i finalize my vegetable seed order, i row, i do yoga, he walks on the elliptical, i meditate, i pray, he watches the Zags play basketball, we love, i forgive, i buy myself flowers, i feed the birds, he understands, i bake bread, we read and i pick up my camera.  

“Forgiveness. The ability to forgive oneself. Stop here for a few breaths and think about this because it is the key to making art, and very possibly the key to finding any semblance of happiness in life.” 
― Ann Patchett, This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage

week 9/52. . .  
i love this dog with his soulful eyes. 

“People seem able to love their dogs with an unabashed acceptance that they rarely demonstrate with family or friends. The dogs do not disappoint them, or if they do, the owners manage to forget about it quickly. I want to learn to love people like this, the way I love my dog, with pride and enthusiasm and a complete amnesia for faults. In short, to love others the way my dog loves me.” 
― Ann Patchett, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage

this week, last year. . .  things were starting to bloom. 

how was your week?