knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

Take me as I am

I spend a few days in Idaho with a dear friend, a few days away from him and the dog.

the rain follows me but i manage a few walks between long
conversations and playing. i go to bed early with my stack
of books, tasting all of them but not finishing any. 
isn't that the way vacations are suppose to be,
morsels of goodness and doing just what you want to do? 
i bring them home unfinished and set them beside my bedside. 

i come home to him and the dog and the vortex of home encompasses me.
i recognize how a few days away helps me see love a bit clearer, 
feel it a bit deeper and appreciate my life wholeheartedly. 
i understand i want for nothing more. 

“I'm like the weather, never really can predict when this rain cloud's gonna burst; when it's the high or it's the low, when you might need a light jacket.

Sometimes I'm the slush that sticks to the bottom of your work pants, but I can easily be the melting snowflakes clinging to your long lashes.

I know that some people like:

sunny and seventy-five,
sunny and seventy-five,
sunny and seventy-five,

but you take me as I am and never
forget to pack an umbrella.” 

― Naomi Shihab Nye, Time You Let Me In: 25 Poets under 25