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things i did on this thursday


slept in (thanks Meyer)
saw Brandon at the shop and wished him happy anniversary
texted my daughter-in-law and thanked her for picking my son
sat with Meyer on the deck and read (finished this book)
walked around downtown a bit
treated myself to an afternoon latte in a real cup
made a very simple dinner for one
missed him, and Baker (but not the packing)

things I threw away

I can't explain why a bride buys her wedding dress, whereas a groom rents his tux.
- Lou Holtz


my girl scout stamp collection, and the sash that held all my patches
the boys sports trophies, captain plaques and state soccer sweatshirts
worn out picture books, read so many times the pages had fallen out
much loved stuffed animals, whose work here is done
and yep, my wedding gown, which I never did get cleaned and after 42 years looked pretty cruddy