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love more

“Butter melting on a dish meant someone nearby was in love, and a bird in the house takes your bad luck out the window.” 
― Alice Hoffman, The Rules of Magic

The week is full of love and gardening, two of my favorite things. The gardens are awakening now in full force, showing off daily with new growth and surprises. I give up on clean fingernails and give thanks for hands that serve me well. I deadhead and fill the bird feeders and cut tiny bouquets to bring in the house. 

I hill potatoes, plant another row of beets, transplant broccoli, cage tomatoes and bake a rhubarb pie. I unearth one of Basil's toys in the big flower bed and rinse it off, leaving it beside his makeshift hiding spot as garden art. I miss him and cry at times, often when I least expect it, and I allow the tears to flow without contesting them. 

We head up north for a few days to celebrate Katie's birthday. We all meet for happy hour, and then head for Thai food. I laugh and love hard. On Sunday, Brandon feeds us fish and chips from ling cod he caught a few weeks back, and I take photos of the dogs and the cat, who shows her face now because Basil is not with us. I sleep in, relax and breath deep; filling both my lungs and my heart. 

I think about this practice of documenting my days. How it helps me keep at least one foot on the ground and slows down the mood swings. I see clearly how it solidifies my day, especially if I don't fight it with expectations, doubt or self-judgement. If I just show up as is; broken, vulnerable, and present I am rewarded. 

I just do the best I can to face what life brings. That’s the secret, you know. That’s the way you change your fate.
— Alice Hoffman, The Rules of Magic

I am honored to be over on viewfinders today as a guest. I would love for you to take a look, if you are so inclined. I always find inspiration from these amazing woman photographers. 

“Love more, her aunt had said. Not less.” 
― Alice Hoffman, The Rules of Magic

how was your week?