knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

5 on friday || the dog park

I had a dog who loved flowers. Briskly she went through the fields, yet paused for the honeysuckle or the rose, her dark head and her wet nose touching the face of every one with its petals of silk with its fragrance rising into the air where the bees, their bodies heavy with pollen hovered - and easily she adored every blossom not in the serious careful way that we choose this blossom or that blossom the way we praise or don’t praise - the way we love or don’t love - but the way we long to be - that happy in the heaven of earth - that wild, that loving.

Mary Oliver

Off leash, running and smelling, making friends, chasing sticks and balls and frisbees, pausing for drinks and a bit of circling butt sniffing. Life is good.