knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

thank you

“In the deep forests of Mount Rainier, the sun doesn’t rise, it leaks in thin bands through the trees.”
― Bruce Barcott, Measure of a Mountain: Beauty and Terror on Mount Rainier

the week is full of tasks checked off our to-do list.
some of them tiny, a few of them huge.
we take steps towards changes that we both hope
will be good for us. it is both exciting and a bit scary.

i can’t seem to shake the heaviness i feel, and one day he suggests
a ride up to the mountain. we find snow and elk, autumn beauty and sunshine.
we walk along the river and he pulls over when i ask him to, so i can capture
Mount Rainer as she grows more magnificent as we climb.

the stitches come out of my hand and the dog loses his cone.
both of us healing up nicely. i marvel at our body’s ability to heal so quickly.
i don’t think he gave it a thought.

we walk most days, the same route over and over. and yet, it still holds magic,
if i am only willing to notice. i go too slow for his puppy curiosity
and i remind him how patient Basil was. he is getting better,
but not by choice (although treats help).

“The mountain receives our expressions and becomes part of us; we imprint our memories upon it and trust it with out dearest divisions of out lives. Mt. Rainier does not exist under our feet. Mt. Rainier lives in our minds”
― Bruce Barcott, The Measure of a Mountain: Beauty and Terror on Mount Rainier

i am thankful for all of you who drop in now and then.
thank you for reading my thoughts and gazing at my photos.
it means so much to me.
I wish you all a beautiful Thanksgiving,