knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life

all this life || week 40

“You know what’s really, powerfully sexy? A sense of humor. A taste for adventure. A healthy glow. Hips to grab on to. Openness. Confidence. Humility. Appetite. Intuition. … Smart-ass comebacks. Presence. A quick wit. Dirty jokes told by an innocent-looking lady. … A storyteller. A genius. A doctor. A new mother. A woman who realizes how beautiful she is.”
― Courtney E. Martin

i spend part of the week pug-sitting, both of us seeing the irony
as i leave him and dog on sunday afternoon,
during this, the first full week of his retirement. 
i look forward to exploring Bellingham alone,
going into bookstores, and tiny shops, 
without anyone waiting for me in the car.
i look forward to a walk around the lake, 
and having my morning latte at a coffee shop, where i can go in and sit
and read and maybe people watch. 

"Here’s what I’ve discovered. In a world where we are crafting our identities more conscientiously than ever before — picking particular shots of our lives to share on Instagram, liking certain posts on Facebook — it takes a certain kind of modern courage to stop crafting. To say, enough with the curation. Enough with the control. I’m just going to be myself — warts and all."
 ~ Courtney E. Martin

i find feeding three pugs at once to be somewhat comical,
and i laugh at them as they scarf their food
like there is no tomorrow. 
i try walking all three and am not successful
and boot them outside the back door, forgoing
group walking. i keep them company, encourage
them to sniff the fall air and get their business done. 
i spend the evenings reading or watching something on my iPad;
three pugs in my lap, content and keeping me warm. but also listening
with hope, for the front door to open and mom and dad to walk in. 

“To be alive in this beautiful, self-organizing universe -- to participate in the dance of life with senses to perceive it, lungs that breathe it, organs that draw nourishment from it -- is a wonder beyond words.” 
― Joanna Macy

three things ::
i make soup one night and take it over and have dinner with the newlyweds
i spend time among stacks of books, browsing, and walk out empty handed and happy
i leave my big girl camera at their house and use my phone

“But since soup mainly involves tossing everything in a pot and waiting, it's one of my better dishes.” 
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

i arrive home to not only the dog, but him, 
both of them happy to see me. 
i relax back into the fold of my life
a bit wiser for time spent alone, away from my world,
and all the comforts of home. 

“I want my inner truth to be the plumb line for the choices I make about my life - about the work that I do and how I do it, about the relationships I enter into and how I conduct them.” 
― Parker J. Palmer

i get my big girl camera out and take a walk and wonder. . .  

“What, what am I to do with all of this life?” 
― Gwendolyn Brooks, Maud Martha

how was your week?