knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

holding hands

“What are hands made for but this? For holding. for holding on.”
― James Patterson

i have carpal tunnel surgery on Halloween,
no trick-or-treating for me.
it is my right hand and i find life a bit
cumbersome as a lefty.


the doctor sends me home with a list of dos and don’ts:
no lifting anything heavier than a pound, he says
what about my camera?
does it weight more than a pound?
yes. . .
use your phone.
he is soft spoken, kind, and plays awesome music in the operating room
so i follow his directions.

i make blueberry muffins and chicken soup before hand in case we starve, and
one night i walk him through meatloaf from the local butcher shop. i also teach him to make my favorite
kale salad with apples because i am craving it so.

luckily the dog and i had taken one last walk in the sunshine
the day before; because to manage his leash and my phone
is hard, not to mention the deluge of rain.
so i spend time in the moment, forced to take my time, forced to slow down
with just about everything i set out to do.

my hand gets better and come Sunday evening i want to unwrap it
to take a look at the stitches, but i wait (because of the soft spoken doctor).

in the meantime i am grateful to him and the dog, both of who took such good care of me.
and while i might be able to start doing more, there will be no dishes until
i go back and see the soft spoken doctor and the stitches come out.

but he and the dog do a stellar job!

have a lovely rest of your week,