knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life


“I yearned for lightness; I still yearn for lightness. Lightness is freedom -- freedom from the heaviness of too much stuff, too many words, too heavy a pull toward inertia. I feared being buried in stone -- becoming stone.” 
― Marion Woodman, Bone: Dying into Life

The week is full of Baker. He learns new things every single day. He is like a child, with really sharp teeth. I laugh out-loud at his antics and spend countless hours in the yard watching him play. 

Just like raising children, things have changed in puppy raising too. Today a puppy is housebound until that last round of shots. No walking the river tail, or even our little ponds. No trips to Home Depot or to the pet shop. So we pile his kennel into the car and take him for rides to get him use to the kennel and the car. We play at home. I garden and he explores, and we are both content. 

We eat from the garden and already have too many zucchini. I eat the first cherry tomato and dig a hill of potatoes. The Yakima corn is in and we eat it, grilled, most nights. I want so badly to give Baker the cob to chew on, but again, things have changed, so I hold off, for now. 

I finish this (which I find a bit disappointing because everyone's life is too perfect) and this (which I loved) and start this. I cook from this and have almost the whole book marked with recipes to try and read this, loving the stories, but also knowing I won't cook much from it. I have not baked bread in ages, and think I might make cherry ice cream soon, before the cherries are gone. 

Everyone up here had two stories : the life before and the life now. If you wanted to pray to a weirdo god or live in a school bus or marry a goose, no one in Alaska was going to say crap to you. No one cared if you had an old car on your deck, let alone a rusted fridge. Any Life that could be imagined could be lived up here.
~ Kristin Hannah, The Great Alone

They come for dinner on Sunday night and my mama heart fills with gratitude and joy. I feed them steak and grilled corn and potatoes from the garden. They are both smitten with Baker and he with them. I head to bed full of goodness. 

i hope you played a bit this week,