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5 of friday || wildfires

"I'd rather fight 100 structure fires than a wildfire. With a structure fire you know where your flames are, but in the woods it can move anywhere; it can come right up behind you."
~ Tom Watson

Beautiful British Columbia is on fire. . . 
we wake to smoke coming through sun rays
and go to sleep with sunsets that burn orange and red. 

the number of wildfires currently burning in BC 155
since April 1st, there have been 820 fires
the cost so far, $172.5 million.
426,000 hectares have burned so far
it is the third highest among total fire seasons in BC’s recorded history 

“Wildland firefighters do not enjoy the cultural prestige that structural firefighters do. They do not wax their fire engines and cruise down the local parade route, lights flashing; they are not the subject of countless popular books and movies; major politicians do not honor their sacrifices on the Senate floor or from the Rose Garden; they do not have bagpipe bands, fancy equipment, enduring icons, or other signifiers of honor verifying the importance of their activity.” 
― Matthew Desmond, On the Fireline: Living and Dying with Wildland Firefighters