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notes on a simple life

luring santa || week 51


Celebration is an attentive and gracious joy of presence. When you celebrate, you are taking time to recognize, to open your eyes and behold in your life the quiet miracles and gifts that seek no attention; yet each day they nourish, shelter, and animate your life. The art of belonging in, with, and to your self is what gives life and light to your presence; it brings a radiance to your countenance and a poise to your carriage. When your heart is content, your life can always find the path inwards to this deep stillness in you.

John O'Donohue

Christmas Laughter, by Nikki Giovanni

My family is very small
Eleven of us
There are over 80
There are over 60
There are over 50
Two of us are sons

Come Labor Day the quilts
are taken from the clean white sheets
in which they summered

We seldom have reason
and need no excuse
to polish the good silver
wash the tall stemmed glasses
and invite one another
into our homes

We win at Bid Whist
and lose at Canasta
and eat the lightest miniature Parker House rolls
and the world’s best
five cheese macaroni and cheese
I grill the meat
Mommy boils the beans

Come first snow the apple cider
with nutmeg…cloves…cinnamon…
and just a hint of ginger
brews every game day and night

We have no problem
luring Santa Claus
our chimney

He can’t resist
The laughter

i hope your Christmas is full of love and laughter, compassion and hope,
the twinkling of tiny moments and festive joy.