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weekend gratitudes

asters from the garden filling every room in the house
a clean carport for the very first time in 30 years
people who come to your house and always bring something for your dog
more sourdough text messaging with Jordan
and green bean text messaging with Brandon
(he picked his)
boys who love to cook
cute urban farm stands in the middle of town
the honor system
the first loaf of zucchini bread with Cara Pastry flour from my birthday field trip
having the children next door over for a play date

the gaps

I have always loved the gaps, the spaces between things, as much as the things. I love staring, pondering, mulling, puttering. I love the times when someone or something is late-there's that rich possibility of noticing more, in the meantime poetry calls us to pause. There is so much we overlook, while the abundance around us continues to shimmer, on its own.
- Naomi Shihab Nye

the weeks is busy and my mind whirls with a constant reminder to step back,
and breath. i yearn at times, for the days when i did not have so many choices or options. when i trusted my gut more, and with that trust, seemed to know myself a little better. i dig out my old journal and start writing again and slowly i come into focus.

Sometimes there’s no one to listen to what you really might like to say at a certain moment. The paper always listens.- Naomi Shihab Nye

i walk the yard with my camera in the evening light, my head among the swirling bees, who are busy among the raspberry patch. i play ball with the dog, order film and a new camera and find an abundance of beauty everywhere i gaze.

Being alive is a common road. It's what we notice makes us different.
- Naomi Shihab Nye

have a beautiful weekend.

i do my best to listen inward, taking time each morning to just be. i allow for feelings to rise and emotions to flow; giving them space without questions or judgement. one day however, fear grabs hold and gets the better of me and i resort to old ways. but i regroup, apologies (not for my feelings, but for the way i handled them), and find peace within my own words. this feels amazing.

i go to the gym and row, walking out of class, spent and feeling strong. i question why i am not there most days? wondering what holds me back?


a rare treasure

“People could surprise you. Not just their kindness, but also their sudden ability to express things the right way.” 
― Elizabeth Strout

a long conversation with a dear friend leaves me full of gratitude.
to be heard is such a gift.
but to listen to her wise words, to be privy to her wisdom. . .
that is a rare and beautiful treasure.

have a beautiful weekend