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weekend gratitudes

asters from the garden filling every room in the house
a clean carport for the very first time in 30 years
people who come to your house and always bring something for your dog
more sourdough text messaging with Jordan
and green bean text messaging with Brandon
(he picked his)
boys who love to cook
cute urban farm stands in the middle of town
the honor system
the first loaf of zucchini bread with Cara Pastry flour from my birthday field trip
having the children next door over for a play date

things i did on this thursday


slept in (thanks Meyer)
saw Brandon at the shop and wished him happy anniversary
texted my daughter-in-law and thanked her for picking my son
sat with Meyer on the deck and read (finished this book)
walked around downtown a bit
treated myself to an afternoon latte in a real cup
made a very simple dinner for one
missed him, and Baker (but not the packing)