knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life


“Happiness is a warm puppy.” 
― Charles M. Schulz

I name him Baker, after the mountain. We are the first ones to visit the litter and so we get first dibs. He melts my heart from the get-go and I know Basil is there helping me pick him out. I like the breeder, like her attitude about dogs, like her family, and feel that he comes from lots of love (and good stock, but that is way less important). 

We pick him out, eyes barely open and head home. A week or so later,  I text her and ask if she might send me some photos. She does, because she gets it. As time passes, I can't wait any longer and ask if we might drop by for a visit. We make a day of it; stopping on Camano Island, exploring a bit, before heading to their home in the early evening.  The breeder is in full blown "end of the school year mode", as are her kids, and I love that. I like her a lot. 

I ask if I might take him outside? Sure, she says, relaxed, as she eats her pizza and talks with my husband. Baker and I head out onto the grass where I get to know him a bit better. He is curious about my camera, as I snap a few photos. But soon I set it on the grass and let him be. He explores, crawls on my outstretched legs, checks the cat out and eventually lays with me in the cool grass and willingly gives me kisses. I feel my heart healing right then and there. 

I mention to Brandon one night on the phone that I hope I can love him like I loved Basil. He reminds me that my heart is big enough to love him and both his brothers, and their wives. He is right, my heart is big. My heart is willing to love immensely and also hurt, because love is grand. Love is really all that matters. 

I can't help but wonder what kind of adventures he and I will have. I start to worry about how we might block the stairs until he can maneuver them, and the deck. I also give some thought to those middle of the night potty breaks coming our way. I realize it will be a few years before he and I slip into the comfortable mode Basil and I had. But I also know my life will be fuller because of him, and so I am counting the days. 

We bring him home July 2nd.