knee deep in weeds

notes on living a life


Somewhere amongst the darkness and resistance of winter I start to wake up.

I begin to understand that life is painful and there is no escaping it if I truly want to be alive. The trick for me is to allow myself to move beyond the pain long enough, to allow joy in. It is a messy balancing act for the pain is real, it is absolute and without limit, I can't forget it but must learn to coexist with it gracefully.

The Buddha taught that “whatever the mind ponders and dwells on, by that is it shaped.” I spend plenty of words talking and writing about gratitude and beauty but often it is just that. . .  words.  Now it is time to consciously dwell in both and live my life fully.  

I am not sure how this will look but I know breaking patterns and feeling uncomfortable will be part of it. Letting go of reacting thinking and bringing awareness to the present is a good place to start.

“Life is painful, suffering is optional.” 
― Sylvia Boorstein