knee deep in weeds

notes on a simple life

the real deal

“This is something that needs explaining, how light emerges from darkness, how comfort wells up from sorrow. The Earth holds every possibility inside it, and the mystery of transformation, one thing into another. This is the wildest comfort."
~ Kathleen Dean Moore, (Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature)

The week gives us, what I imagine is, our last glorious days of fall. Come the weekend, the rain settles in with gusto and tap dances on our metal roof, not only lulling me to sleep, but also waking me up. I cut back the dahlias one morning in misty rain, and watch water drain from their hollow stems onto the vivid green of the grass. I decide to leave them in the ground, gambling that they will survive the winter.


We head to a close by lake one day, just for something different. Baker meets a few new friends, children feed the ducks while attentive parents push others in the swings and dole out snacks. It fills me with joy to watch all the interaction.

"The earth offers gift after gift—life and the living of it, light and the return of it, the growing things, the roaring things, fire and nightmares, falling water and the wisdom of friends, forgiveness. My god, the forgiveness, time, and the scouring tides. How does one accept gifts as great as these and hold them in the mind?"
~ Kathleen Dean Moore, (Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature)


One day, i dig into the pocket of a coat that has been tucked deep in my closet for several months and discover a smooth heart shaped rock; probably found on a walk with Basil sometime late last winter. I stop and think about him for a few moments as I hold the heart in my hand, and instead of sadness I find myself enveloped in deep joy. I take the rock and gently place it inside the circle of his collar on the bookcase in my office.

I clean out my bookcase, boxing up books to take to the Goodwill, and come across a book I had read a few years back. I remember how it touched me, brought me to tears in places. I remember how when I finished it and tucked it away, it was with a promise that I would pay more attention. That I would not only pay attention to the beauty on every walk, but that I would take care to notice joy and happiness every day.

I think about November and how she is our month of gratitude and ponder ways I might better this practice. Two things jump at me, simplify and let go.

'This is your work,' my friend told me, 'which is a work of substance and prayer and mad attentiveness, which is the real deal, which is why we are here."
— Kathleen Dean Moore (Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature)

have a beautiful rest of your week,