knee deep in weeds

a personal photo journal

365 || a look back

“Taking a photograph is a lot like falling in love. You see a light and it intrigues you; and you want to see or be in that light forever.” 
― Mickey Burrow

the first day of each month. . .  

Today i finished my third 365. . . 
I will admit. over the last few weeks, I told myself over and over that three straight years, never missing a day, was a good long run and it was time to put my focus elsewhere; I proved I could do it and maybe it was time to move on to something new, something a bit more focused. 

my kids. . . 

my kids. . . 

If I was going to do another one I should at least set goals, specific goals like I did when I was teaching. Goals which are measurable and will improve my photography and provide opportunities for growth. I have spent hours brainstorming just how that might look. I have made notes and perused the internet for suggestions. 

odds and ends. . . 

But then a few days ago, to get ready for this post, I started looking at them. Reading the words I added to each photo, every single day. I started organizing them into categories and themes. And during the process it slowly dawned on me that while there are no restraints or goals or maybe not even tons of growth, there is certainly something to measure.

My life. . . my simple, everyday life. 
And for me, that is kind of magical. . . 

quick snaps. . . pick that camera up and shoot whatever is fast and right in front of me 

There are those days that I know right away what I want to capture, especially if someone is coming over, or I am going somewhere. But most days, it is just hit and miss. 4:00 p.m. rolls around and I head out for a walk with the dog, or we may just wander into the yard. Some days I just pick up my camera and take whatever is there. And as crazy as it is, those are often the photos I like best. 

Basil.... he will always pose for me 

So yes, there will be another year, another 365, with no restrictions, no set goals other than to capture a part of my day and write about it in a few words. 

he and me. . .

he and me. . .

It starts tomorrow, January 1st. 

my Instagram #2015bestnine, not part of my 365, but oh so fun! 

my Instagram #2015bestnine, not part of my 365, but oh so fun! 

There will be a few changes in the next few days around here. Stay tuned..... 

Happy New Year, thank you so much for letting me share my everyday life! 

sufficient || week 49

"There are a thousand thousand reasons to live this life, everyone of them sufficient" 
— Marilynne Robinson

my week is full of Christmas
and a birthday

we cut the tree
he does the lights and i decorate it,
i sit at night, with the dog in my lap
and a book open, but mostly, i just watch the tree

"The moon looks wonderful in this warm evening light, just as a candle flame looks beautiful in the light of morning. Light within light...It seems to me to be a metaphor for the human soul, the singular light within that great general light of existence." 
— Marilynne Robinson, Gilead 
"There is more beauty than our eyes can bear, precious things have been put into our hands and to do nothing to honor them is to do great harm." 
— Marilynne Robinson, Gilead  

i make my boy a whole recipe of vanilla panna cotta
we each get our own small serving
after his birthday dinner,
but the rest i send home with him
he will make himself sick eating it, i think 

"This is an interesting planet. It deserves all the attention you can give it." 
— Marilynne Robinson, Gilead  

we meet for lunch on his real birthday
we talk and laugh and i remember
so clearly, the day he was born 35 years ago
but can't remember what i had for breakfast   

"The twinkling of an eye. That is the most wonderful expression. I've thought from time to time it was the best thing in life, that little incandescence you see in people when the charm of a thing strikes them, or the humor of it. 'The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart.' That's a fact." 
— Marilynne Robinson
"Their lives spun off the tilting world like thread off a spindle, breakfast time, suppertime, lilac time, apple time." 
— Marilynne Robinson, Housekeeping

and Christmas time. . . 

"She thought, If I’m crazy, I may as well do what I feel like doing. No point being crazy if you have to worry all the time about what people are thinking anyway." 
—  Marilynne Robinson, Lila

how was your week? 

abundance || week 48

"She believed, as others did, that a camera was good for more than recording the world. A photograph wasn't a response to something; it was something." 
— Whitney OttoEight Girls Taking Pictures

the rain is single minded
and the trees block what little light there is
come midweek, the wind kicks in and the power goes out for hours

i am reminded of all the things i cannot do
things i might not have done, but now the option is not even there
and so, suddenly, these chores, these project (i have put on hold) seem pressing and crucial

early in the week i meet an old friend for the first time, face to face
she opens up her home to me and teaches me some new lighting tricks
and i am astounded yet again, at the friendships my camera has opened up for me   

i see so clearly that there is a rhythm to my seasons now
each one bringing comfort, familiarity and abundance
and i remind myself to not get lackadaisical or passive  

but to keep not only a keen eye on the world around me
but also an open mind
and always keep a bit of chocolate in the house. . .  

how was your week?