I believe that everything starts by paying attention. Life is imperfect and any magical light we can bring into our day is worthy of our gratitude. Laughter and love, joy and celebrations slip into our lives with ease but learning to cope with the deep pain life brings to us is also necessary. I do this best with my camera, chasing down light, zooming in and out and pairing it all with truth. 

I live in Western Washington with my husband of 40+ years, in the home where we raised our three sons. We share that home now with our sweet beagle named Basil. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. 


 ©Cathy Sly 2017 



it was hard to leave, but my heart is full and i am recharged. what a glorious couple of days. 

i am still basking in the past weekend. all of us processing photos and adding them one by one to share in our flickr group with the other ladies. so much goodness. 

i lived on tea and cough drops today hoping i feel better soon. the dog and i walked the river today and still didn't see any salmon, but we practiced him walking off leash and he did so good. 


Basil was beside himself when his dad walked in the door. one more week and he will be off to the Bahamas for seven months. for the nest few days i will savor every moment i can. 

the sun came out and the dog and i went for a long walk later Jordan and i met Justin for lunch, the three of us sitting for a couple of hours and talking and sharing fries. 

the doctor told me if she were writing a text book she would use my hip X-ray to show the right way to do it. i think that means everything is lookin' good. i get to go back to the gym next week! 

the wind blew so hard overnight. we woke to no power and a downpour of rain. the power came right back on, yay! later, when it cleared up for a bit, we saw that we had lost a huge branch in the yard. i am always thankful when it only hits the ground and takes nothing out on its way down.