Cathy SlyComment


Cathy SlyComment

gratitudes: a quiet day to regroup and focus, pizza for dinner, football and reading, sunshine and crisp cold, a walk with the dog and Madame Secretary. 

gratitudes: we all made it though the day, good news, i think, a safe drive back to the west side, sleeping in my own bed. 

gratitudes: a surprise visit from Katie, a trip to the library and a sack full of books, shrimp for dinner, a long walk, new Christmas music filling the house... 

gratitudes: sleeping in, a clean family room complete with furniture moving, time in the yard, a simple dinner and a glass of wine. . .  

i shopped for a couple of hours with a dear friend and my cart was full, only to discover i had forgotten my wallet. i told the woman at the check out that i was sorry. my friend offered to pay for it, but i decided my life was full enough. maybe filling the cart is where most of the fun is. 

today was filled with goodness. justin's final is turned in... a degree on its way!  a text with news that in less than a month jordan will be home, and these two.... they just fill my heart with love. 

it seems there is a rhythm to our weekends now as we settle into our home, real home. we laugh and help each other out, and listen, really listen. today he oiled my butcher block and i baked bread. nothing mind blowing, but yet so good.