Cathy SlyComment


Cathy SlyComment

gratitudes:  the quietness of a simple day; both of us slipping in a short nap at different times, some reading for me and football for him. the smell of pot roast in the oven and the rain falling outside and lots of lap time with the dog. 

gratitudes: erin who kicked my butt at PT today, these tomatoes which taste like sweetness, new socks and a call from her which brought back memories of the two of us as young mothers.  

gratitudes: calls from all three of the boys just because, a long walk between rain showers, blankets of wet leaves beneath our feet, Olive Kitteridge on HBO in the afternoon, cheese and an apple for dinner. 

gratitudes: for the patience the young man showed me at the Verizon store when he helped me set up my new phone, for Erin, who worked me hard and the laughter we shared while she was doing it, for a walk in the rain and for plans made for the upcoming birthday girl. 

gratitudes: the sun coming out for about two hours, lots of blue sky, weeding and cleaning up the front flower beds, an afternoon latte and him on his way home. 

gratitudes:: health care workers who understand how hard it is to wait, him going with me to hold my hand, good news, time spent with Kacy tonight and meeting her mom,  and the sun, oh the sun was glorious.  

gratitudes: more sun, a bit of clean up in the yard and a perfect dinner out with close friends,