Cathy Sly1 Comment


Cathy Sly1 Comment

he left early, before the pass got bad. the dog and i spent some quiet time before we took off for our walk. i like my new expresso maker. 

we celebrated all his hard work tonight with dinner out. his smile never stopped all night. . . 

so much goodness today. skypeing with pam was the best! and i guess it is not only him who leaves tools out in the rain. . . 

gratitudes:: erin, who kicks my butt in PT and today told me she cannot believe how strong I am getting, the fact that i feel it too is so good, afternoon pie baking, a long talk with jordan, a slow walk with the dog in the late afternoon, and a new drink... 

justin did the potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner and talked about them all night long. how could they not be good, he put a whole package of cream cheese in them! there were calls from the other two and too many blessing to list. life is grand. 

he helped me get the Christmas boxes out today (we are still missing some) and i put the village up. i love the newlyweds.... love that she has red hair. 

we woke to snow, bundled up before breakfast and headed out for a walk. he surprised us and came too.