Cathy Sly2 Comments


Cathy Sly2 Comments

grateful for:: persistence and understanding on his part in finding the nativity box, bright sun, blue sky and snow still left on the ground, two rounds of bowling on the Wii, where I won! clean sheets and warm soup simmering on the stove and a home full of Christmas music. 


goodness:: soup for lunch, a new book, blue sky, candle light and feeling settled. 


there are days that i struggle  with just how good we have it. some days the reality that there are people in the world dealing with  horrible, hard and unheard of things, makes me feel helpless for sure; but also allows for very little compassion on my part for some of the things people close to me whine about. i work to find the happy medium on certain days.... today was one of those. getting out helped. 

deb and van

we met for lunch and then walked around a bit with our cameras. it does my entire body good to be with these two. they accept me and support me; help me work things out in my head and will always pose for me. they get it. i feel blessed to have found them, blessed to call them close friends. 


erin kicked me out of PT today, told me to get my butt to the gym, it was time. i stopped on my way home and reinstated our membership. it felt good to walk in the door and see people i know. later i packed up my Mac and headed to the Apple store for a class, which was so good; worth lugging  all 27 inches of it through the mall. i learned that you can teach an old dog new tricks! 

me hike

the dog and i went on a "hike" today;  just the two of us in the woods along the river. later there was wine with dinner as Christmas music filled the house and plans made for justin's birthday. 

the kids

they came to "hang" with us on a Saturday night. we had dinner (chicken fijitas) and kacy cut our hair and then we played the Wii! what a gift to have them so close.