Cathy Sly1 Comment


Cathy Sly1 Comment

gratitudes: a short walk in the gentle rain, homemade soup on the stove in the afternoon, the first of the Christmas music filling the house and clean sheets. . .  

grateful today for a hard workout with Erin, my tea paid for by the guy five cars ahead of me, who paid for a slew of folks in line, homemade pizza making and a sleep over with Cannon. 

she stood on the outside of her goat pen and told him all about each of her goats. we also met her one legged roaster and he was amazed at how fast he gets around. we came home and headed out for a walk, him on his bike, me with the dog.  we had a quiet, full day of goodness, just the two of us. 

gratitudes: we did not lose power or a tree, Cannon spent the day with me, a safe drive to the east side to see him, and technology! 

gratitudes: sun and bright blue sky, cozy and warm when it is 11 degrees outside, a bit of birthday shopping, and time with him. 

gratitudes: a long walk in the crisp cold with the dog, time at the cabin, the car ride up there, laughter and friendship, small heaters, celebrating. 

gratitudes: waking up in the cabin, a long, long walk along the shore, coffee and The Wallin Jenny's, the ride home, more laughter and goodness.