Cathy Sly2 Comments


Cathy Sly2 Comments

we rounded the corner to come out of the woods and Bud was waiting for us. i always want to let them play, but his owner, our neighbor, will not allow it. he went right to him when he called and we kept our distance as we followed them home. 

the feeders were filled and the birds came and ate and had a bath. 

they start coming home tomorrow. i am ready for them with open arms and full fridge. 

he was patient with me today as my mood swirled all over the map. i can analyze it all in my head, scold myself and tell myself to snap out of it, but he knows me so well and never said a word, but rather was so understanding, kind and loving.  

the Wii was a huge hit, they bowled sitting down, but were better at tennis if they stood up! 

all of us gathered around the table.... this is the highlight of the holidays for me. 

we shared the best hot and sour soup i have ever had and the sky was all kinds of magic on the way home.